Monday, February 22, 2010

31 Herbal Oil the magical potion

One of SwissJust most popular products is the 31 Herbal Oil. I wanted to educate everyone more about it, and I even found some testimonials that are amazing because it highlights all the different uses of this magical mixture of essential oils! 

HAHA, one of the things that I love it for is that it's AMAAAZING on hangovers.  My mom doesn't drink, but about a month ago she decided to go to her Comadre's house to make tamales. Well, these two ladies decided to drink a whole bottle of wine while making these tamales, and the next day, my mom had the biggest cruda (hangover) ever! 

LOL,,, so she put a few drops of 31 Herbal Oil on her fingertips and applied it to her stomach, belly button and temples...I swear within 10 minutes later, like magic, her nausea, stomach ache and headache were completely gone! The symptoms went so far, far away that she felt good enough to eat FOUR tamales right after...hahahahhahaha.....True Story... :-)

Herbal Oil 31 consists of a mixture of the purest and twice refined oil essences (cleaned by distillation) of 31 medicinal herbs.

It is one of the most versatile, soothing, yet stimulating products in the Jüst range and is used by customers all over the world to help, support and relieve a wide range of ailments and complaints. These range from headaches, arthritic pains and aching joints to indigestion, toothaches and insect bites.

Pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Dill, Anise, Dwarf Pine, Sage, Vanilla, Pine Needle, Fennel, Ginseng, Orange, Cajeput, Mace, Citronella, Peppermint, Myrrh, Lemon, Wild Mint, Violet, Melissa, Menthol, Rosewood, Rosemary, Garlic, Goat''s Rue /Galega, Thyme, Cumin, Benzoin, Juniper, Cinnamon, Wintergreen are contained in Herbal Oil 31.

The amount of each of the 31 herbs is chosen by dividing them into 6 main groups, which together form a fragrant effect that support each other. Every one of the herbs used is absolutely pure and comes from the best-cultivated areas in the world. This is very important due to the fact that the effect of the 31 Oils varies considerably according to each cultivated area.

This product should be in every home as it has so many uses and benefits

Customer Testimonials for 31 Herbal Oil 

Subject: Hayfever and allergies Contributor: Thelma Race

Mountain Hayseed, Winter Bath, Thyme Cream and Eucasol Spray - This is a great set to use during the winter months to help prevent not only Hayfever, but many other allergies by helping to boost the immune system. The Thyme Cream and Eucasol Spray are also very good for asthmatics.

Subject: Clean Teeth Contributor: C Prosser

My dad uses Herbal Oil 31 on his teeth everyday and he says it has removed the stains left from tea and coffee.

Subject: Spondolosys Contributor: Audrey Milner

My niece used the Herbal Oil 31, she used it for , and found it so helpful for pain and relieving stiffness. Because of her recommendation I have used it myself. I used the Herbal Oil mixed with San Activ Cream., and massaged into my back when I fell downstairs, from top to bottom. I was able to rest much better when I went to bed, it help relive a lot of the soreness.

Subject: Aching or pulled muscles Contributor: Veronica (Midwife and nurse)

The Herbal Oil 31 can be used for all sorts of ailments. The main ones that I have used it for is aching muscles, or a pulled muscle in the legs, just a small amount massaged in gives you relief. It can be used in the bath as Aromatherapy for Headaches, Cold and flu symptoms, stress.

Subject: Varrucas Contributor: Trudi Bareham

Herbal Oil 31 - Is the best and only product you need for Verrucas. Apply twice a day on a cotton bud, and they will disappear between 1 week–1 month, depending on how long you’ve had them.

Subject: Pain relief Contributor: M Scannell

Herbal Oil 31 - I have found that this oil helps with pain relief for tooth aches, headaches and period pains

Subject: Ear ache Contributor: Hayley Kerins

I have used Herbal Oil 31 for my 5 year old daughter's recurring ear ache, and it enables her and me, to have a good nights sleep when pain strikes.

Subject: Bilateral Pleurasy Contributor: Pam Griffiths

During February 2001 I suffered with Bilateral Pleurasy which was extremely painful, and frightening as every breath you thought was your last. After 4 courses of different antibiotics from the G.P. I resorted to treat myself with Just products. I got my sister to apply the following mixture four times a day, within 10 days I was on the road to recovery and NO PAIN!. I had another chest infection the following year, made up the mixture again and the infection was gone in 6 days with no antibiotics. The mixture was as follows:- San Active cream, Juniper cream, Thyme cream - Desert spoon of each mixed together added 5 drops of Herbal 31, 3 drops of Anti stress Activator mixed together and applied all over the lower part of the chest area (back) over the throat and neck area( front), behind the ears and a spot under the nose. Potent stuff!

Subject: Hayfever Contributor: A Santoro

Suffering from hayfever throughout the night, I put some Herbal Oil 31 around temples, forehead and sinus areas-within minutes all the symptoms disappeared. Wonderful stuff!

Subject: Stress, pain, depression Contributor: Annonymous

Herbal Oil 31 - FANTASTIC, I couldn’t live without it!

Subject: Sooths and calms Contributor: S Kettle

Herbal Oil 31- This is a fantastic all rounder, sooths, calms, and refreshes the parts other oils cannot reach

Subject: Worth every penny Contributor: Michelle Betteridge

Herbal Oil 31 - But the best has to come last – and that has to be the Herbal 31. First impressions – OUCH!! £23 for a bottle of herbs?? But having taken the challenge and purchased a bottle I would pay whatever it took now. I would simply not be without it. In fact, during a holiday a couple of years ago, I unfortunately broke my bottle of Herbal 31. Thankfully my consultant had the foresight to put her name/telephone number on all the products – so I was able to call her straight away, and I had another bottle waiting for my return. Its uses are endless, and I have not yet found anything that it has not had an affect on. From burning as a room essence to solving dandruff!

Subject: I love Herbal Oil 31 Contributor: Debbie Wellins-Sells (Health Visitor)

I have used this oil for so many problems. I like the scent of the Herbal oil 31 which really heps with sinusitis, headaches, colds. My neighbour has used it for sciatica. I use this product regularly in my oil burner too. I like the health benefits which I find really beneficial.

Subject: Mouth ulcers/back pain Contributor: Claire Browning

A great all rounder, helps with mouth ulcers. When mixed with San Active Cream, was great in helping back pain, it dulled the pain - GREAT

Subject: Comfortable night Contributor: C J Nicholls

Herbal Oil 31 and San Activ Cream - This combination when rubbed into my legs helped ease the cramp that was keeping me awake at night.

Subject: Relaxed muscles Contributor: Natalie Lee

Muscle Bath, and Herbal Oil 31 - After over doing it in the garden and cycling 20 miles in one day, I had no stiffness the following day.

Subject: Nits Contributor: Rekha Venkat

Herbal Oil 31 and Tea Tree Shampoo - I tried these two products to see if it cleared the Nits on my cousins head I used a little bit of the oil mixed the shampoo, left it for 15 minutes, and then rinsed thoroughly. When I combed it through he nits were just coming off. So yes I tried and it worked!

Subject: All sorts of ailments Contributor: Veronica, Bridgnorth

Herbal Oil 31 - This can be used for all sorts of ailments. The main ones that I have used it for is aching muscle, or a pulled muscle in my leg, just a small amount massaged in gives relief. I have also used it in the bath to help headaches, colds and flu symptoms and stress.

Subject: Mid night comforter Contributor: Shirley Washington

Herbal Oil 31 - Helps me get back to sleep when I wake with a blocked nose in the middle of the night, a small drop on my nose helps me to breath easy, and comforts me.

Subject: No. 1 product Contributor: Susan Bailey

Herbal Oil 31 - it helps relieve pain and itchiness immediately from stings and mosquito bites, and the bites heal very quickly. A couple of drops on toothpaste when brushing teeth, makes my mouth feel fresh for a long time and helps reduce the amount of plaque on my teeth. Helps relieve headaches almost immediately especially stress/decongestant.

Subject: Excellent Contributor: C M Kilty

Herbal Oil 31 - This is excellent for mouth ulcers.

Subject: Best all-rounder I know Contributor: Julie Nyanyo

Herbal Oil 31 - It is the best all round remedy I have ever used. It clears a blocked nose, eases toothache and much more, I use it for all the family and wouldn’t be with out it now

Subject: Thanks to our Jüst consultant Contributor: D Crowder-Johnson

Herbal Oil 31 - I have suffered with blocked sinuses for many years and tried various medications, My wife went to a Jüst presentation and bought a bottle of HO31, she suggested I rub a drop around my nose, I was skeptical, but I tried it. To my surprise and delight the next morning I could breathe quite freely through both nostrils.

Subject: My period pain saviour Contributor: Ruth Haywood

Herbal Oil 31 - After years of suffering very bad period pains I was introduced to HO31. It became my life savior. I just use a drop on my stomach in times of need and suffer no more. It’s a God Send.

Subject: Great for my sinuses Contributor: Rita Dalley

Herbal Oil 31 - I use this twice a day on my knees and once a day around the sinus areas. My knees are much better, but I can say that I have not had sinus since using it. I used to have sinus problems quite often and quite bad, but haven’t had it since, I also use it on any muscle ache areas and it is so good. My mum is 90, and she uses it on her knees as she has bad arthritis in both her knees.

Subject: It’s fantastic Contributor: Sophie Baker

Herbal Oil 31 - This is great for lots of ailments, from colds, sore throats, bad breath, tooth whitening. Its Fantastic.

Subject: Repetitive Strain Injury Contributor: Mrs Swancott

Herbal Oil 31 and San Activ Cream - These products mixed together helps with pain relief for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Subject: My nan swears by it Contributor: Sophie Baker

Herbal Oil 31 and San Activ Cream - My nan uses these combined every day on her arthritic ankles and hands, she absolutely swears by it. She finds her joints feel more movable and not so stiff once applied.